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Expires August 31, 2022

Sub-Acute Detoxification

If you have had a previous history of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs or are currently in withdrawal you will most likely be eligible for services.

Short Term Residential Treatment

Short term residential treatment combines intensive individual, group, and other behavioral therapies for the best possible treatment results. Those addicted with co-existing mental disorders receive treatment for both disorders in an integrated way. (28 days only)

Long Term Residential Treatment

Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is critical for treatment effectiveness. For many, additional time in treatment is needed to solidify the gains made during early recovery. Clients with a history of relapse or those needing improved coping skills often benefit from an extended treatment stay. (From 45 days to 90 days)

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient therapy can allow a person to stay in their home and work or meet other obligations while participating in treatment. Out patient treatment is usually a first step for individuals considering change or used as a follow-up to residential treatment.